Hiring a freelance cryptocurrency writer

10 Tips When Hiring a Freelance Cryptocurrency Writer

Freelance writers are a dime a dozen, but hiring a good freelance cryptocurrency writer can be a challenge. You can easily spend weeks and months looking for the right candidate, only to find out after hiring them that they’re not able to deliver high-quality content on a reliable schedule. This happens all the time and … Read more

Ethereum Dapps

What is a Dapp? A Guide to Ethereum Dapps

In the cryptoverse, a lot of attention is laid on Bitcoin. But don’t let that overshadow the growing interest in Ethereum, which is revolutionizing the way we think of applications. So, what is a Dapp? A Dapp, or decentralized application, is a software application that runs on a distributed network. It’s not hosted on a … Read more

Graphical blockchain

8 Differences Between Public and Private Blockchains

Since the emergence of blockchain technology, there’s been confusion when trying to understand the differences between public and private blockchains. Sometimes it’s even a challenge understanding the difference between Bitcoin and blockchain (hint: Bitcoin uses the blockchain). Whatever your understanding is when it comes to blockchain technology, it’s important to understand the differences between public … Read more

Financial transaction between two people

What Is a Blockchain-Based Global Payments Network?

The internet age has brought with it a massive amount of new digital currencies, often coined (pun intended) as cryptocurrencies, which has spurred the innovation of blockchain-based global payments networks. While moving money from point A to point B doesn’t require too much legwork with matching currencies in the same country, it can get messy … Read more